Friday, July 24, 2009

More waiting!

I keep telling people... "If I wanted to open a sewing machine repair shop, I would have been in business for a year now." But anytime you involve alcohol, Uncle Sam wants to make sure that he's going to get every penny that's coming to him. And in doing that, slows down the whole process. Damnit.

Construction is 99% done. The gas will be hooked up on Monday. Everything is looking good. I'll be brewing some test batches on the system next week (and by test batches, I mean never to be sold or given away. Probably be destroyed after taste panels). Money is getting tight now and I am no longer affiliated with 75th Street Brewery. So I'm either unemployed or fully self-employed depending on how you look at it. But at least it's all mine.

I'm really thinking that I'll have beer for sale in either Kansas or Missouri by the end of August. It's crazy to think that this all started almost a year ago with me and my wife sitting around our sons playskool plastic table, drinking beer and getting fired up about the idea of starting our own brewery. But I've never really been known to be sane, and until my dieing days I'll say that my wife followed my insanity of her own free will.

Are you ready Kansas City? Let's do this!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Now it's for real

Another month, another update. That seems to be my usual rate of posting stuff here. Construction started this week. The plumber was in installing the drains and running new gas line. All the other construction should be started on Monday. Looks like I'm going to have myself a brewery before the end of July. Now I just need to get all of the licensure and cut through all the red tape. Oh yeah! And I guess I'll need to start brewing some beer.