Friday, February 20, 2009

At last... (hopefully)

First of all, thanks to everyone who's emailed, called or personally talked to me and offered their support for my brewery. After Dan Ryan at put out the word, it spread pretty quickly. Many many emails offering support, including some from the city of Liberty administrators (Awesome by the way. I'm not sure if KC does this kind of thing, but Liberty officials have pretty much accepted me with open arms before I was ever really doing any business in Liberty. To me that says, "Choosing Liberty was a great choice. And it's getting better all the time. Taco's are good." I'm not sure why that last part got in there, but taco's are good. I need to stop this sidenote before it gets anymore out of control).

And now...

Without further sidenotes...

The bank finally called me today and told me that that they have "docs". I have an appointment at 10 AM on Monday to go in and sign all the paperwork necessary. It's kind of nice to start the mad dash on a Monday that I have off.

10 AM: Sign paperwork
11 AM: Call leasing agent and set up appointment to sign lease
11:30 AM: Lunch. Buffalo Wild Wings. 12 Wings, Spicy Garlic, big glass of Boulevard Pale Ale

Afternoon calls:
Brewhouse manufacturer
Fermenter manufacturer
Local business that sells walk in freezers
Contracter to schedule remodeling of brewery
Webmaster to set up email list
And probably many more.

All I can say is... I'm ready.
The time for worrying about this or that is done. I've come to terms with everything that I'm going to be doing. Win-lose, success-failure, Spicy Garlic-Asian Zing, I'm just... Ready

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Dan said...

Tacos are good. But they're better with a tasty Dubbel Doodle, I imagine . . .