Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Recent updates

So, I've been pretty bad about updating. So here's the scoops

1. I've added twitter to the blog so I can do the micro blog thing more often and keep everyone more up to date
2. I have to move my brewery location. It's okay though, it's just to the suite right next to where I was before. I'll save a lot of money on construction this way.
3. I'm waiting for the bank (again... crap) to extend my loan. Even with the savings, construction costs are really high and I need some more money to start this up.
4. I spent all of last week in Boston at the Craft Brewers Conference. I learned a lot of interesting things and got to reconnect with some old Harpoon friends. I also have fun stories about fellow brewers and how well they handle large amounts of alcohol.
5. I'll be representing the 75th Street Brewery at the Parkville brew fest this Saturday, but I'll gladly talk to anyone about the Doodle Brewing Company if I'm not busy pouring beers for everyone.

There's probably more, but hopefully this is good enough to start off the new month.


Amy aka The Wort Hog said...

Hey! Good to see an update and that the dream is still alive!

I will look for you @ the parkville brewfest and will be sure to say hi :)

Jeremy said...

I'm interested in your story about fellow brewers handling alcohol...