Saturday, May 23, 2009

The ball is rolling now

I talked to the bank and they're saying that the extension of my loan has been approved and I should be able to sign after the holiday weekend. As soon as I leave the bank, I'll call the contractor and tell him that I'm ready to move forward. The current time frame that he's giving me is two weeks from the start of construction.

My brewhouse came in! There was a problem ordering the fermenters, but that's cleared up and they should be arriving in 1-2 weeks. Everything is finally starting to come together. Current estimate for the beer to hit the shelves is July sometime. Of course, last time I tried to pick a date for my beer to be out, I came up with February. Hopefully that won't be the case again.

While at the Craft Brewers Conference in Boston, I went to a seminar about opening a brewery. The owner's first lesson was "Opening a brewery takes three times longer than you think it will, and costs twice as much." Yep, that's what I've been noticing too.

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LC said...

Alright! Congratulations man, I'm really looking forward to seeing this become reality!